2006 June 30 -Tumut & Adelong Times
  • * Completion now early to mid 2008, BUT 'Batlow MPS still on track'. The Adelong/Batlow MPS committee has been told that the facility is still progressing despite possible design changes to the layout. The appointed architect, Mr Chin Young from Rice Daubney, has told the committee that the project is still going ahead however some alterations may be necessary to accommmodate new clauses to the use of the land. Full Text

2006 June 20 -Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Council try to pin Ministers down on MPS land hitch. An apparent impasse to resolving the disused railway line issue at the end of the Tumut - Batlow line in order to facilitate the current design for the proposed Batlow Adelong Multi Purpose health Service (MPS) has prompted Tumut Shire Mayor Gene Vanzella to make further representations to two government ministers. Full Text
  • Growing chorus of concern on health issues. Sir- The recent departure of CEO of Greater Southern Area Health Service in questionable circumstances has only served to highlight the growing chorus of concern about our region's health administration. In the past fortnight, three major issues have come to light which No More Bandaid Solutions Inc., an organization dedicated to improving rural health facilities, believes demonstrate breathtaking administrative incompetence. Full Text

2006 June 19 -The Daily Advertiser
  • One in 60 Riverina children on Ritalin. Medication is the only option in some rural areas. Riverina children use more drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than those from many other regional areas in the state and at 10 times the rate of some parts of Sydney. Full Text

2006 June 9 -Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Adelong Batlow MPS allocated $3.957m. "Finally some real money, but no completion before 2008" THE new Batlow Multi Purpose Health Service, now expected to cost $11.8 million, has received an allocation of $3.957 million in Tuesday's 06/07 State Budget, which is expected to see a start on the project during the forthcoming financial year. Full Text

2006 June 2 -Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Tumut is third in line, Wagga, and Bega Hospitals 'on the books'. We're next. A new hospital for Tumut may still be some years off, but there is light on the horizon with a public meeting this week told an architect has commenced a preliminary facility review as the first step to convince NSW Health to build the new hospital within ten years. It was also told a new hospital in all likelihood would be built within the grounds of the current hospital's 13 acre site, which has less than a quarter of its space occupied by buildings. ... Full text
  • Health Service Plan, but still five to ten years away. Whilst discussions relating to a future complete redevelopment of the Tumut hospital captured most attention amongst those attending Tuesday evening's public meeting, much of the presentation from . GSAHS was spent updating the community on work that has been done since the development of a Tumut Health Service Plan six months ago. ... Full Text
  • No mention in $110 billion infrastructure plan. Concerns have been raised that a new Tumut Hospital is listed nowhere in the NSW Government's $110 billion, 10-year infrastructure plan released Wednesday. ... Full text
  • State Infrastructure Strategy disappointing - Hodgkinson. The Nationals' Member for Burrinjuck, Katrina Hodgkinson has characterised the State Infrastructure Strategy recently released by the Carr-lemma Government as a lost opportunity for rural NSW. ... Full Text
  • Batlow MPS land negotations break down. Negotiations stall over MPS site. An eleventh hour breakdown in negotiations over the transfer of railway land for the site of the new Batlow Multi Purpose health Service (MPS) has led to fears it could delay the project by many months. The land which has long been the preferred site for a greenfields new MPS as a replacement for the old Batlow hospital - the site of the old goods yard in Batlow, (opposite the Batlow Technology School) has a section of railway line running through the middle. ... Full text

2006 May 31 -The Daily Advertiser
  • Tumut hospital on a long waiting list. Construction of a new hospital for Tumut is unlikely to commence until 2011 despite the existing facility being past its use-by date, a public meeting was told last night. ... Full text
  • * 20 Year Plan for NSW. Regional services could be hit hard. Forum reveals plan to distribute health spending to areas of large populations. A consultation forum for NSW Health's 20-year plan was held at Wagga Base Hospital yesterday. Janet Anderson, the director of futures planning at NSW Health, said the plan caters for a shift away from regional areas ... Full text

2006 May 30 -The Daily Advertiser
  • Priority funding identified for Tumut. GREATER Southern Area Health Service (GSAHS) has defended recent criticisms of the condition of Tumut Hospital and has confirmed the site is a priority for redevelopment. Manager service and corporate planning, Janet Chapman says GSAHS acknowledges the longer term redevelopment of the Tumut Health Service (Tumut Hospital). "The site has been has identified as a priority for funding by NSW Health," Ms Chapman said. ... Full text

2006 May 26 -Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Update on Tumut Health Service Plan next Tuesday. Greater Southern Area Health Service will host a public forum next Tuesday, May 30, to update the community on the work that has been done since the development of the Tumut Health Service Plan in November 2005. ...Full text
  • Hospital works 'welcome, but stop-gap measure'. Work is now underway at Tumut Hospital to address access and security issues under a NSW State Govt. $250,000 Rural Health Minor Works Program. A concrete path now links the Sheahan House carpark with Community Services and alterations have been made to the disabled carpark. Other alterations to bathroom access and security are expected to be completed soon. The local group lobbying for a new hospital, No More Bandaid Solutions Inc. says it welcomes any improvements to Tumut's health facilities but claims these minor works are merely bandaids. ... Full text
  • Questions over the future of maternity facilities at the Tumut Hospital have been raised in the NSW Parliament this week. ... Full Text
  • Report on economy aimed at adding weight to campaign for a new Tumut hospital. Support for the campaign to replace the 107-year-old hospital at Tumut with a new building is growing. Local lobby group No More Bandaid Solutions Inc. has now received messages of support from the Board of the Riverina Division of GP's, Tumut Shire Council and prominent politicians. .. Full text

2006 May 16 and 23 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • * TUMUT HEALTH SERVICE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Public Meeting. 6 month Progress Report - Tumut Health Service Plan 2006-2011. The general public are invited to attend a public meeting to be held at 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 30, 2006 in the Tumut RSL Auditorium. Ms Janet Chapman and the members of the Tumut Health Service Advisory Committee will provide a progress report covering the action taken in the last six (6) months towards implementing the recommendations in the 2005/2008 plan. The meeting will conclude by 7 p.m. following questions from the floor. For further details, please contact Allan Tonkin, Chairman, Tumut Health Service Advisory Committee on 69412512. ALLAN TONKIN Chairman

* 2006 May 19 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Health service Public meeting. Members of the community are invited to attend a public meeting to be held at the Tumut RSL Club on Tuesday, May 30, to hear first hand up to date information relating to the Tumut Health Service Advisory Committee(THAC). In attendance at the meeting will be Janet Chapman, Mary Smit, Ellen Hannigan and Steve Butt as well as members of the local committee. The meeting will convey a progress report to those present in relation to recommendations made to Greater Southern Area Health Service as a result of the Tumut Health Service Plan. The meeting will also inform the community of the steps being taken by the THAC to address current issues as well as set in place strategies to ensure the future development of e new purpose built hospital in Tumut.

2006 May 9 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Local group continues to lobby for new hospital. At its meeting last Wednesday night, local lobby group No More Bandaid Solutions Inc. laid the foundations for the next stage of the campaign to build a new hospital in Tumut. The group will focus on liaising with local councillors as they begin to actively lobby State Government ministers. NMBS Inc. will also set up a dialogue with local business operators and peak industry groups in coming weeks with a view to raising awareness about the economic aspects of the issue. ... Full text

2006 May 2 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Council backs push for new hospital. Boost for hospital replacement campaign. Council votes to lend support. Organisers of No More Bandaid Solutions, a group pushing for a new Tumut Hospital, will meet this week with business, medical, and community representatives to plan the next phase of their campaign. Under discussion will be the unanimous decision by Tumut Shire Councillors last week to back the campaign and to lobby the State Government for funding for a new hospital. ... Full text

2006 April 26 - The Daily Advertiser
  • Tumut Shire Council is fed up with the condition of the town's l07-year old hospital and will lobby the state government for a new hospital. A petition signed by 1800 people was handed to council by No More Bandaid Solutions president Kevin Swann. ..... Full text

2006 April 21 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • A petition signed by 1800 people calling for support for the rebuilding of Tumut's 107 year old hospital as a priority, will be presented to Mayor Gene Vanzella on Monday night. The petition was launched by local action group No More Bandaid Solutions Inc., in frustration there is no end in sight to the problems it says is being experienced by Tumut district residents accessing public health services. It urges the Council to make a new hospital a high priority and to lobby the government and health authorities on behalf of the people who depend on it. Organisers of the petition say they have been overwhelmed by the response and that they are in no doubt now as to their having a mandate for the campaign for a new hospital now, rather than the lengthy wait under the health dept's planning schedule. Secretary of NMBS Inc. and co-ordinator of the petition Sue Swann said she was bombarded with messages of encouragement and wished to thank everybody for their support. .. .Full text

2006 April 13 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • The push for a new Tumut Hospital by the newly formed local group No More Bandaid Solutions Inc. has recently received a boost from local residents. Group spokesperson Sue Swann said that two ventures, a fundraiser, and a petition to local council, have been overwhelmingly supported by locals. "I wish to sincerely thank everyone for their contributions and for their enthusiastic endorsement of our organisation's letter to Tumut Council." "We are asking councillors to make this issue a high priority of Council and to lobby government long and hard on our behalf," she said.... Full text

2006 April 8 - The Canberra Times
  • Work is on track to build a new $30 million Queanbeyan hospital and emergency department staff are preparing to risk blisters and physical exhaustion to do their part. Member for Monaro Steve Whan, said yesterday that preliminary work had begun on the three-storey hospital that would "hugely boost" bed numbers from 37 to 60. ... Full text

2006 March 31 - The Daily Advertiser
  • Health minister John Hatzistergos yesterday announced plans for a new $300 million Northern Beaches hospital at Sydney's Frenchs Forest, with construction set to begin in the second half of next year. In contrast, the long-awaited Wagga Base Hospital is bogged down in a planning process that is not likely to end until 2009, despite being on the agenda of various state governments for more than 20 years. .... Full Text

2006 March 26 - The Sunday Telegraph
  • Staff at Tumut Hospital have been awaiting an upgrade since 1995. The hospital is full of leaks, has holes in walls and floors, and lacks space. Staff at Batlow Hospital claim the building contains asbestos. ... Full text

2006 March 7 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Congratulations go to the NSW State Government who have now expedited construction of a new hospital at Batlow costing $10m and allocated $250,000 for the refurbishment of the medical centre at Adelong. No More Bandaid Solutions Inc. also welcomes the announcement of a grant of $250,000 by the NSW State Government to Tumut Hospital as part of its Rural Health Minor Works Program. ..... Full text

2006 February - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Work on the long awaited Adelong/Batlow MPS project is finally expected to start in October this year, with completion planned for the end of 2007. During this period it is also expected the Adelong Community Health Centre will receive its $250,000 upgrade, which has also been long awaited. The tender for the MPS replacement for the Batlow Hospital, which will be built on a greenfields site using former railway land, is expected to go out in August, and the contract awarded in October, the MPS committee has been told. .... Full text

2006 January 20 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Greater Southern Area Health Service has committed to achieving a number of recommendations relating to Tumut Hospital outlined in the recently completed Tumut Health Service Plan. The service plan was finalised in November following a public consultation process and included a number of recommendations. Dr Nigel Lyons, Acting Chief Executive of GSAHS, has advised the local committee overseeing the services plan that GSAHS is committed to achieving the plan's recommendations. They include a comprehensive review of the hospital and emergency department by May. .... Full text
  • A non committal response by the Minister for Health. John Hatzistergos, to questions raised in State Parliament in relation to a future redevelopment of the Tumut Hospital has been labelled "pathetic" by Member for Burrinjuck, Katrina Hodgkinson. ... Full text

2005 December 21 - The Daily Advertiser
  • Repairs to rotted-out flooring at Tumut Hospital were carried out under the hospital's ongoing maintenance and repairs plan according to Health Services manager Mary Smit. Mrs Smit has refuted claims that a newly formed group calling themselves "No More Bandaid Solutions Inc" was responsible for the floor repairs. .... Full Text

2005 December 20 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • The Adelong/Batlow MPS Committee met with Mr Chin Young from Rice Daubney, the appointed architect to design the new Adelong/Batlow MPS, last week.  The MPS committee and Batlow Hospital staff had a chance to view the first MPS draft plan and to make comments and changes. .... Full text

2005 December 16 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • The group said flooring in a corridor adjacent to the solarium of the hospital showed obvious signs of dry rot with split beams and crumbling wood. Following representations to the NSW Minister for Health requesting urgent attention to the matter, the group has now received an assurance that a new floor will be in place before Christmas. .... Full text

2005 December 13 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • MEMBER for Burrinjuck Katrina Hodgkinson, speaking in State Parliament, has called on the Premier to honour his promises to the people of Tumut, Adelong and Batlow to give the Tumut Hospital and the Adelong/Batlow MPS high priority. .... Full text
  • Hospital master plan by May, 2006. Admitting both the Tumut Hospital and the Community Health Centre do not meet modern requirements, Greater Southern Area Health Service says it anticipates a site master plan will be completed by May next year "to identify short-term solutions to improve safety and efficiency at the site." .... Full text
  • Re the letter received from Greater Southern Area Health Service Acting Chief Executive, Nigel Lyons in response to a petition sent by the citizens of Tumut Shire on November 3, 2005, to the Director General of NSW Public Health.  Unfortunately, there is no change to their position which still points to the Tumut Health Service Plan as the saviour of Tumut District Hospital. Again, the letter is couched in "bureauspeak". I offer the following as a rough translation for those unable or unwilling to spend time deciphering the terminology, without meaning 'any disrespect. ..... Full text
  • I also inspected the gaping hole in the Tumut Hospital where once a floor existed. I am wondering if our hospital, along with patients, visitors and staff is suddenly, like the lost Atlantis, going to disappear from sight, never to be seen again, leaving generations of Australians searching for some sign that a Tumut hospital did, in fact, at one time exist on this site. (Name withheld)

2005 December 9 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • My concerns are that the existing building is in a state of decay. Never mind the 'rabbit warren' scenario, it needs some major work, like yesterday! I am a volunteer worker on various committees who have shown long term commitment to improving all aspects of health care within the district. This includes the replacement of the existing hospital building. .... Full text
  • I was horrified on walking past the corridor at the back of the solarium to see an area approximately 7ft x 4ft pulled up revealing what appeared to be dry rot damage to the floor. .... Full Text

2005 November 29 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Organisers of the "No More Bandaids" campaign have vowed to press on with their efforts to secure replacements for Tumut's 106-year-old public hospital and the dilapidated Batlow hospital "as a matter of urgency" by taking their case directly to the Government .....Full text

2005 Nevember 26 & 27 - The Daily Advertiser
  • Leading Tumut businessman Phil Barton has caused a stir by supporting construction of a new regional hospital in Wagga ahead of a determined push to replace his own town's ageing hospital. A Tumut community group pressing for new hospitals at Tumut and Batlow said yesterday it also supported the immediate building of a new base hospital in Wagga. .... Full text

2005 November 22 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Nobody is denying that Wagga Wagga Base hospital needs immediate replacement. It was built in the early 60's and should have been replaced long ago. So why wasn't it? (One question "No More Bandaids" would like answered). Good business managers plan ahead for asset replacement and put aside funding accordingly. Surely no-one is suggesting that all other hospitals in the GSAHS should now wait until a new Wagga Wagga Base hospital is completed? That project could take the best part of ten years, during which time all those other hospital facilities in the region which are now at breaking point will be critical.... Full text

2005 November 18 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Sure, everyone wants a new hospital and the best of medical services that money can buy, however, without having an intimate knowledge of the economics and distribution of public funds, one could not possibly make a definitive judgment on the value or likely outcome of supporting the "No More Bandaids" lobby. There is no doubt the biggest priority for this region is to have the new Wagga Base Hospital built and equipped with the latest technology and specialist personnel. This is becoming a reality and will better serve the entire region. .... Full text
  • The appointment of an architect to design the new Batlow Multi Purpose service building to replace the Batlow Hospital has been announce by NSW Health Minister John Hatzistergos. ..... Full text

2005 November 11 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • The whole issue of the need of new hospitals and health facilities does not belong to me. This is a community issue. It belongs to everybody, all the families and businesses in the district whose lives and incomes will be affected if it is not fixed, and quickly. ... Full text

2005 November 8 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Tumut finally has a Health Services Plan, after the document was officially presented to the community at a public meeting on Thursday night. The plan has been 10 months in the making, as the Steering Committee Chairperson, Alan Tonkin told the packed room at the RSL. Almost 90 people attended the meeting, which was a good indication of the community's interest in the health services plan. .... Full text
  • New hospital 'second fiddle' to Wagga. A new hospital for Tumut will have to wait until after a new Wagga Base Hospital is built. That was the clear message delivered by Greater Southern Health Service personnel at a public meeting in Tumut last Thursday evening to present the new Health Plan for the district. At the same time Tumut was reaffirmed as "a priority ... but a priority behind Wagga" by the GSAHS's Manager of Services and Corporate Planning, Janet Chapman. .... Full text

2005 November 4 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Well over 1500 signatures have been received already in support of a new Tumut Hospital and full funding for the proposed Batlow MPS. Co-ordinators for the Concerned Citizens of Tumut Shire, Mrs S. Swann and Mrs P. Webb, who have been amongst volunteers manning information booths in Tumut main street, have sent the following letter to the Premier of New South Wales the Hon. Morris Iemma, and Minister for Health, Mr John Hatzistergos, concerning the state of both Hospitals. The letter is as follows (Click here for pdf format letter.)
  • As the heat continues to be turned up over claims the government has reneged on promises to commit funds by 2007 to the building of a new Tumut hospital, a spokesman for Greater Southern Area Health Service has suggested no such undertaking had ever been given. But with a new Area Service Plan to be presented to a public meeting ..... Full text

2005 Nevember 4 - The Daily Advertiser
  • Two plans addressing a broad range of health services and issues, including a call for a decision on when Tumut might see a new hospital, were presented to a public meeting last night. Chairman of the Tumut Local Government Area Health Service Planning Committee, Allan Tonkin said the two plans, one the GSAHS final service plan and the other an implementation plan describe the current level of health service delivery in the Tumut area very well. .... Full text

2005 November 1 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Almost a thousand signatories, or more than 15% of the total population of Tumut have given support to a letter to the NSW Government calling for a new hospital to be built in Tumut. The signatures were collected on Friday at the first of two information booths pushing the "No Bandaids" campaign and simultaneously collecting data on concerns local people may have with health facilities, services and equipment at the local hospital. .... Full_text

2005 October 28 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • THE chairman of Visy Industries, Richard Pratt has joined the growing chorus of voices supporting the campaign for funding of a new Tumut District Hospital. Mr Pratt's statement backing for the campaign has been included in a pamphlet .... Full Text
  • As the community campaign for a new Tumut hospital steps up a gear, information booths are being conducted to increase public awareness on the issue. .... Full text

2005 October 21 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Frustrated over the lack of a guaranteed commitment from the NSW Government to build a new Tumut Hospital within a set time-frame, Tumut woman Sue Swann says it's time the local community established a "Tumut Hospital Campaign Group" to lobby for the project. .... Full text
  • Timeframe, costs continue to blow out. When the Deputy Administrator of the GSAHS. Dr Joe McGirr last year told members of the Tumut Hospital Planning Committee, which has been lobbying hard for the new hospital, that it was appropriate to start the planning process, and that an investigation commencing the early stages of that process was to be undertaken, there were high hopes of a new hospital by 2007. .... Full text

2005 October 11 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Changes to health plan, public submissions welcomed by committee. The Tumut health services plan will be presented to the public on November 3. The document has undergone some major changes since a draft plan was outlined to a public meeting last month. A health services plan for the Tumut region has undergone some major changes in the wake of public submission and a recent, well-attended community meeting. The plan will provide an outline of the current health services in Tumut, but more importantly detail the current and future needs of the community to guide health service delivery, planning and facilities. Full Text

2005 September 30 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Sir - Did Ground Hog Day come to Tumut last Thursday? That's what it felt like when I attended the public meeting about the draft health services plan for Tumut. Same forum, same people, same problems, same bureau-speak, same promises, (or lack of them). .... Full text

2005 September 27 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Public meeting told health plan recommends lobbying for hospital redevelopment. Existing facility labelled 'dangerous rabbit warren'  Local residents should be lobbying NSW Health to include the complete redevelopment of Tumut Health Services on the capital works program within the next 3-5 years, a public meeting in Tumut last Thursday was told. .... Full text

2005 September 23 - The Daily Advertiser
  • Chairman of the Tumut Local Government Area Health Service Planning Committee, Allan Tonkin, said about 60 people attended the meeting at the Tumut RSL Club. "It was an excellent turnout," Mr Tonkin said. "The general feeling was the plan would be a vehicle to bring attention to deficiencies (in health services)."  ... Full text
  • Narrandera's health council chairwoman, Gayle Murphy, attacked the new structure last month because it does not include a health service manager at Narrandera hospital. The chairman of Tumut's health service planning committee, Allan Tonkin, said yesterday the same issue was yet to be raised yet in his area, but added that he would be concerned if any changes to administration ended up affecting the delivery and standards of clinical services. He said Tumut would be in a cluster that included other existing Network 5 hospitals at Tumbarumba, Batlow, Adelong and Gundagai as well as Young, Cootamundra, Harden and Boorowa... Full text

2005 September 20 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Health Forum Thursday. The draft Service Plan for the Tumut Health Service will be the subject of a public forum on Thursday night, with health authorities and the local council calling for a strong attendance from members of the local community at a forum regarded as vital to future health services in the district. ... Full text
  • Why is Tumut being left out in the cold? SIR, - My nameless critic (Tumut & Adelong Times Friday, September 15, 2005) misses the point, and the point is this.  When health services are privatised and there is no alternative service offered by the public health system, people suffer. ..... Full text
  • A draft service plan for Tumut Health Service (hospital) has been prepared and copies can be picked up from the hospital, Tumut shire Council office and all Shire libraries. The health service planning committee of the Tumut Shire and Greater Southern Area Health Service have organised an important meeting for this Thursday.... Full text

2005 September 16 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • SIR, - I am writing in response to the article published and letter written by Sue Swann in a recent edition of the Tumut & Adelong Times. As a Tumut resident and a patient that has used the facilities of Regional Imaging on many occasions I would like to say that I disagree with Ms Swann's view of the company.... Full text

2005 September 9 - The Daily Advertiser -Editorial
  • New symptom of poor public health. The good news is that, at last, Wagga Base Hospital will have an ultrasound machine of its own and patients will not be required to go to a private institution for ultrasound testing. The bad news is that this situation is an example of the utterly deplorable state of the public health system in NSW. ..... Full text

2005 September 9 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • As the push for expanded health services at the Tumut Hospital continues to gather momentum, Tumut shire's general manger Chris Adams has urged concerned members of the public to attend a public meeting on September 22 to help determine a suitable level of service. ..... Full text

2005 September 8 - The Daily Advertiser
  • After they quickly got the pain under control and the physical examination done, the doctor left and came back with a radiologist and an ultrasound machine - which-was the device required to confirm, or to clear, fears of serious organ damage. To my surprise, this very important casualty device was donated by the Wollundry Rotary Club. ... Full Text

2005 September 6 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • 'No problem with Medicare' Sir, - In the last edition of your paper (Fri 2.9.05) I drew attention to the cost and lack of access to ultrasound services for Tumut people. Following my letter, there was some suggestion that perhaps Medicare rules were the problem. ..... Full text

2005 September 6 - The Daily Advertiser
  • New Equipment for Wagga Base Hospital, Ultrasound to come. Hospital to finally receive $300,000 ultrasound machine. .... Full text

2005 September 5 - The Daily Advertiser
  • It doesn't make sense.  Could someone please explain to me why Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, the largest inland city in NSW, has been without an ultrasound machine for years?  ..... Full text

2005 September 2 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Members of the local medical fraternity and the public have called on the Greater Southern Area Health Service to take urgent steps to introduce modern, publicly funded radiology equipment and associated bulk billing ..... Full text
  • I wish to draw the community's attention to a very serious social problem which has been ongoing now for some time. Because the public health system in this region currently does not offer ultrasound as one of its services, pensioners ..... Full text

2005 August 16 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • GSAHS chief visits Tumut. Greater Southern Area Health Service Chief Executive, Stuart Schneider, visited the Tumut Hospital yesterday (Monday) as part of a tour of health services in the greater southern area. .... Full text

2005 August 12 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • The Health Service Plan currently being developed for the Tumut Local Government Area (LGA) has had extensive input from various sections of the community, with a first draft being prepared for an open public meeting to be held next month. .... Full text

2005 August 2 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • The planning process is well underway for the development of a Health Service Plan for Tumut with members of community urged to be involved with upcoming community consultation meetings to be held over the next month. Representatives from various groups within the community have been invited to take part in the second stage of the plan development with all members of the community welcome to attend the open public meeting to be held next month. The first series of meetings will be held this Thursday, August 4, with one to be held at the Brungle Health Service Centre at 11 a.m. That session will be followed by two sessions at Tumut's HACC building, one for families at 12.30 p.m and the second with representatives from seniors within the community at 3.30 p.m. Thursday will also see a meeting of the steering committee at 5 p.m. prior to a breakfast meeting with health service providers at 7.30 a.m on Friday morning. ... Full text

2005 June 21 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Batlow MPS 'I'll believe it when I see it' says Hodgkinson. The Nationals' Member for Burrinjuck. Katrina Hodgkinson, said today that she would believe the promised funding for the Batlow MPS when she could see it as a line item in the NSW Capital Works Budget Papers. "While T welcome the promise by the NSW Minister for Health, to Tumut Councillors, to provide $7million over the next three years to build 'the MPS, it remains little more than that - a Carr Labor Government promise," Ms Hodgkinson said. ... Full text

2005 June 3 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Hospital services cutback. Anaesthetist's departure to impact on obstetrics and emergency surgery. Hospital services in Tumut will be dramatically reduced as a result of the only practicing anaesthetist in the shire moving to Gundagai. Obstetrics and emergency surgery services at the hospital are expected to suffer most and patients needing to access these services will most likely be referred to Wagga Base Hospital. .. Full text

2005 May 27 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • More planning funds, but no sign of MPS start. The Batlow Adelong multi-purpose health service (MPS) has been allocated half a million dollars in the State Budget, but there is widespread disappointment construction won't take place in 2005/06 nor in all likelihood during the following year. The funds allocated this year are expected to be spent on finalising, the Value Management Study, a process which appeared to be well advanced up until last December when planning for the project carne to a grinding halt. Full text

2005 May 3 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Tumut health service planning review gains momentum. A new health committee with 13 members representing local health professionals and a broad cross section of community residents has now completed their first two meetings. The first meeting held on March 1 verified the membership of the committee as a result of applications received to join the Health Service Planning Committee. The newly elected Chairperson, Allan Tonkin, welcomed the new members and the Manager of Service and Planning for Greater Southern Health Service, Janet Chapman provided an overview of the project. .... Full text

2005 March 18 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • Minister urged to progress MPS. The continuing delay in progressing the Batlow-Adelong Multi Purpose Service (MPS) health facility has resulted in Member for Burrinjuck Katrina Hodgkinson again taking the matter to NSW Health Minister Maurice lemma. Ms Hodgkinson's latest representations have expressed concern that on every occasion she had previously met with or writ ten to the Minister about the Batlow MPS being accorded priority she had received a reassurance from either Mr lemma or the CEO of Greater Southern Area Health Service, only to have further delayed come to light. Minister's attention to the fact, as previously outlined in the Times, that the building that was replaced by the new Henty MPS is in significantly better repair than the existing Batlow hospital building. .. Full text

2005 March 4 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • 'MPS is coming, but I'm not sure when' health chief tells Batlow committee. A new Multi-Purpose Service (MPS) for Batlow is coming, but residents are still none the wiser as to exactly when the new facility will be built following a visit to the town this week by the Southern Area Health chief executive. Professor Stewart Shneider was in Batlow on Tuesday to tour the existing run-down hospital and meet with the Batlow Multi Purpose Service committee to discuss the beleaguered project. ..Full text

2005 March 1 - Tumut & Adelong Times
  • 'Our hospital worse than Henty's discard' - Adelong/Batlow MPS chairperson Janice Vanzella. MPS delay continues to frustrate Committee. AN old building which once served as Henty's hospital prior to the building of the Henty Multi Purpose Health Service (MPS) remains in better condition than the Batlow hospital, according to the chairperson of the Adelong Batlow MPS Committee. Smarting over delays in State Government funding approval for a new Batlow MPS, construction on which at one stage was expected to begin back in 2004, the MPS committee will today impress on the Chief Executive of the newly merged Greater Southern Health Service, Associate Professor Stuart Schneider, the deteriorating condition of the existing hospital building when he visits Adelong and Batlow. 'It's in an appalling state,' said MPS chairperson Janice Vanzella. ... Full text
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